Backup always crashes

Marty Pilott
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I have started using Reckon Personal Plus 2020.
Every time I use Backup, it crashes and sends a report. I don't know what happens with these reports.
When I re-opened Quicken, it acts as if I am using it for the first time and doesn't open my usual file so I have to start all over again.


  • GerryWinter
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    Call me and we can fix it.
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    Gerry 0418907140 

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  • Darran
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    Yep - there are so many people with this same problem. And no one has ever been able to post a solution. Let alone Reckon attempting to resolve and give any direction.
  • Brad Read
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    Actually, I have posted a solution with PP 2020 on Windows 10 and backup problems - because I had the same problem and fixed it.  Short answer, PP 2020 does not handle long path names in W10.  Create a folder in the root directory, i.e.   c:\reckons    and put your files in that instead of whatever folder PP or W10 has automatically designated.  Once your files are in that your backup should work.

    If you are still having problems, change you PP file name to a maximum of 8 alpha/numeric characters.
  • Marty Pilott
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  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Along with the data file name - it could also be connected to where you have the data file stored and where you are trying to back up to.  In regards to having to find your file each time - try running the program as administrator.  Only problem is, if you didn't initially install it that way then you may have to activate it again.
    Regards, Robyn Kelly