YTD earnings incorrect as per payslip

Gary Allan_10826860
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We are using Payroll Premier Edition 2020. 
This week we have noticed that the YTD earnings as per our employees pay slips are the same as their earnings for the current week. So instead of showing earnings from 01/07/2020 to 14/08/2020, the YTD earnings are just for the week ended 14/08/2020.
During this past week we have backed up our files, verified data integrity and rebuilt our files due to an issue with printing reports including remittance advices and pay slips. 
Perhaps one of these actions has created this issue?
YTD earnings as per other payroll reports including Payroll Summaries is correct.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?
What is the solution? Appreciate your advice.


  • Ken_7421578
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    Have the same problem. Year to date figures do not include the month of July. Have even deleted and reentered pay runs. Same problem except now month of July has year to date figures of zero!

    This is on Reckon Accounts Hosted rather than Payroll Premier Edition

  • Ajax
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    I had the same issue with a client file. PSG suggested we create a new data file.

    I decided to terminate an employee & reinstate as an accidental termination.

    All payslips now reporting correct YTD figures.