STP for Jobkeeper not reporting correctly to ATO

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I had a staff member on Dad and Partner Pay for Fortnight 9 of Jobkeeper so I ended his jobkeeper in Quickbooks by adding JOBKEEPER FINISH FN09 for the fortnight he wasnt entitled and then added him back on for Fortnight 10 by added JOBKEEPER START FN10.  Everything looks correct in Single Touch Payroll but when I go into the ATO to claim my Jobkeeper for that Period the staff member that should have not been included for Fortnight 9 is actually included, so im getting extra Jobkeeper then I actually should be.  I phoned the ATO and they told me to update my STP or contact Single Touch Payroll to rectify this but I have not idea how they would be able to help me as the STP is correct.  Has anyone else had a similiar situation or have they been able to discuss this with STP directly.  PLEASE HELP!  I dont want to receive the additional monies when its not ours.


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    If he didn’t get paid for FN09 you should have finished him on FN08 I believe
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    I submit the claim online, then I phone them immediately each month. They cancel that JobKeeper claim (as they can see what the problem is) and do a new one of which I get a receipt number. The problem is their end, not recognising the change in numbers of employees claimed for. They are hoping the glitch in the program is being fixed.
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    Sorry Kris, but that is not correct.  Here is what the ATO says:
    You need to let us know if your employee is no longer eligible for JobKeeper payments. Tell us the first full JobKeeper fortnight they became ineligible, using the 'JobKeeper Finish Fortnight' field description.  ?Unfortunately I cannot provide you with the website address because it truncates when I try to provide it here.
    John L G 
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    Ok thanks for that John, I haven’t had to Finish anyone and would have looked it up before I did. Sorry to mislead you Kelly.
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