Reckon Personal Plus 2020 corrupting data file

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Reckon Personal Plus 2020 can restore from back up, can open, but can't safe file and can't copy file and can't back it up. As soon as the program touches it it corrupts it, so we can't use it. We downloaded the latest version from the internet today but that has made no difference. We need urgent help please. 


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    Thanks Diver Dave, however we need to use a backup file right now so we can get the program working again. But when we do, it corrupts it. Going around in circles! We also noticed the "copy file" function is not working either. 
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    Thanks Dave, we have emailed you. 
  • Gerry WinterGerry Winter Accredited Partner Posts: 299

    I can fix this for you just call me.

    Gerry 0418907140

    Gerry 0418907140

    [email protected]

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    Thank you Gerry, this issue has been resolved.

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