Billed and Unbilled Materials List per job

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Is there any way to run a report that shows a materials list for a job including billed and unbilled materials. We require a materials list for a job that is having progress invoices emailed out and require a materials list for the end to double check everything!

Is this possible at all?

Thank you


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    We have built A WIP

    Report tool as an Add on for desktop Reckon Accounts

    We can do this for Reckon Hosted as well

    You can see video on Wip under Cosmic WIp in Reckon Add On market

    Call to discuss



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    @TSE2 There's a built-in existing "Unbilled Costs by Job" report if that's what you're wanting -   Is that what you're after?  If so, it's under the Reports dropdown menu > Jobs, Time & Mileage

    You can Modify the report to filter for one specific job &/or "Any" Billing status then Memorise it once configured/formatted to your liking for re-use.  I use a modified version to check everything allocated for billing to a job has been invoiced.

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