Customer set up only as business

Claire Elder
Claire Elder Member Posts: 11

I've noticed that I can no longer set up my customers as individuals. Why has this changed as all my customers are individuals?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 16,030 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Claire Elder

    The ‘Contacts’ area in Reckon One is going through a change with the end goal of making it a lot simpler and removing some of the unnecessary that was in there before. The first phase is an update that came through a week or so ago.

    As you've noticed the ‘This contact is’ option has been removed. Previously customers and suppliers could either be an individual or an business. Moving forward they are the 'business' type.


    Previously an individual could have a first name & a surname;

    First Name: John

    Surname: Smith

    Now that same data appears in a Business Name format;

    Business Name: <First name> + space <Surname> (ie. John Smith)

    We will be introducing new 'Contact' functionality which can be linked to a customer, supplier or super fund record. With the new Contact function, you can also send forms such as invoices, quotes, etc.

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