Password to access Quicken Personal 2020

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I have the above application installed on my PC and have been a Quicken/Reckon user for over 20 years.

 My licence is due for renewal on Oct 26. I have paid for the renewal on Oct 21.

 I have been away for a week and on return, tried to access the app on my PC to be advised that the password was not correct. It is correct. I checked upper lower case etc.

 On Thu8rsday last, I rang Tech Support in Sydney and was advised to get on to the Community pages as he couldn’t help.

 I tried many combinations of trying to describe the issue and drew blanks all round.

 Can you help me please as I can’t access the application?



  • Rav
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    Hi @Mike

    Can you take a screenshot of the message on-screen where its asking you to enter a password and post it here please.

    Is this message appearing as soon as you launch the software or when you attempt to open your file?

  • Mike_6531612
    Mike_6531612 Member Posts: 6

    I just went back into the App to get the message as you requested. I entered the password and, success, I got access.

    I'm guessing it had something to do with the fact that I'd just renewed my licence, albeit a week ago, and something got out of kilter.

    Seems to be ok now.

    Thanks for your response.