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I have had 5 current customers brought out by a new entity. Is there anyway if I create this new entity as a customer that I can move the 5 current customers as jobs under the new entity ? Or am I best off starting from scratch ?

We already have have other entities that have numerous stores under them that we do this for, for example

Entity A (Customer )

Store 1 (job)

store 2 (job)


  • Bruce
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    • create new customer for the parent entity
    • go to Customer Centre
    • drag the existing customers up/down so that they are immediately underneath the parent
    • drag the existing customers to the right and this will make them "sub customers" of the parent

    From here you can continue to send invoices to either the parent (for the lot) or to the sub customers individually

  • Jelfor6
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    Thank you for your help

    Just one last question, if I do this it should effect invoices paid or outstanding, bank recs etc

  • Bruce
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    No impact on bank recs.

    All existing invoices (paid or unpaid) will stay with the existing, now "sub", customer and will also appear on any reports for the new parent entity