Fast Coding bank transactions do not clear from Bank Transactions Tab

David_AirGeoX Member Posts: 1

After coding imported bank statement items, from a Bank Feed, transactions on the Fast Coding screen which appear correct with a Status of "coded in Fast Coding" remain on this tab as expected, however do not disappear from the Bank Transactions tab and cannot seem to be cleared so that they appear on the Bank Account. On the Fast Coding screen, at the bottom of screen a yellow boxed "Uncoded 0" and blue box "Total 21" appear, i.e. total transactions entered.

Why do the Fast Coded transactions not clear in the Bank Transactions and or post to the bank account for reconciliation?


  • Rav
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    Hi @David_AirGeoX

    We might need to take a closer look into your book and/or settings there to see what's happening there. When you have a chance, can you please give our support team a buzz on 1300 756 663 and we'll get a technician on the case here.