Online Services Licence has Expired

Hi all, I have a stand alone version on Personal Plus 2018 and the Online Services Licence has Expired.

How do I upgrade this?

It appears I can buy an annual subscription for $180 but I'm unclear what this does for me and what happens at the end of 12 months?

Does my software stop working? or is it the same situation that I am in now in that I continue to use the software with my data stored locally on my computer but without the ability to download share prices?

So would I be just paying $180 to have the ability to download share prices? Incidentally I have never been able to download bank statements which have to be imported manually.


  • Rav
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    Hi @RobbieG

    The Reckon Personal Range (and other) software is now available via annual subscription. What this means is, you will have access to the current version of the software, for the Personal Range that is currently the 2021 edition. If you're looking for online share price downloads for your ASX shares this will also be active in your annual subscription.

    It is however different to your current standalone version in the sense that at the cessation of your subscription you will need to renew in order to continue access the software.

    If you'd rather stick with your current version but are looking to import share price information now that the online services has expired, you can do so manually via CSV. While its certainly not as convenient as the automatic share price download, I'll link a help guide below which outlines what you need to know about this method.

    Incidentally I have never been able to download bank statements which have to be imported manually.

    Unfortunately, the Reckon Accounts Personal Range software does not have an automatic bank feed functionality like the Reckon Accounts Business range does. You can still bring in data from your bank however as you've mentioned, it's done by importing a QIF file. More info in the guide below.

  • RobbieG
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    Thanks Rav, much appreciated :)