Wrong TFN - how to amend STP?

Robyn Millard
Robyn Millard Member Posts: 14

I had the wrong TFN for Jack. I had Jill's TFN in both Jack and Jill's employee record.

Do I submit the last pay run again, but tick the 'update event' for Jack and Jill? Will this send the correct TFN and YTD figures for Jack and Jill to the ATO?

I'm using ReckonOne


  • Mario_10087432
    Mario_10087432 Alumni Posts: 55

    Hi Robyn,

    The first step is to report nil from Jack's employee record using Jill's TFN (incorrect TFN). By doing this Jill will have two records- her genuine record, and a second record with 0.00. (Refer: https://help.reckon.com/article/m00ayjfqjy)

    Then you can Update Jack's TFN to his correct TFN, and send an update event for the original pay run.