Journal does not balance when finishing payrun

comprescompres Member Posts: 7

I am trying to 'Finish' a payrun with 5 employees. I get an error message saying the journal does not balance.

I am trying to delete the payrun and re-enter it - but the delete function does not seem to do anything. What is the correct procedure to delete an entire payrun?


  • MarioMario Reckon Staff Posts: 58

    Hi @compres

    Is this a payrun that was initially paid and later undone?

    Under Day to Day> Make Payments, check if you have any payments linked to that particular pay run, and delete them.

    Also check under Banking>Bank Payments for any records associated with this payrun and delete them.

    Once these are deleted, you should be able to delete your pay run.

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, can you please tell me what browser do you use to access Reckon One?

  • comprescompres Member Posts: 7

    Thank you - that worked. I only use the payroll module so I had no idea where to look

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