Reckon Installation Switcher

I have been using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus, or its predecessors, since the last century. I subscribe so I am on Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2021. There is a shed load of data as well as attachments.

I need to move my installation from one machine to another.

It appears that I need to use Reckon Installation Switcher to achieve this task. But I can't find that software. The only download from my account is the install software.

Where do I find Reckon Installation Switcher? Please!


  • GerryWinter
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    Give me a call on 0418907140 and i should be able to help you, call me late this afternoon as my Phone is not working at the moment.

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • Christopher Millhouse
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    I would call but I get the message that your number is not connected.

  • Christopher Millhouse
    Christopher Millhouse Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Gerry, you tip of: make sure that the file name is less than 8 characters was gold. Changing the name of the data file and the matching directory in the ATTACH folder delivered the goods. Only running off the C:/ drive also assists but, I think, of less importance.

    And why they still have documentation on the Reckon Installation Switcher on the website when it's no longer useful. God only knows.