Why isn't ticker symbol MGOC found in Add New Security lookup?

In Reckon Personal Plus, when trying to Add New Security, the Ticker Sybol lookup doesn't find MGOC, even though it is listed on ASX.


  • GerryWinter
    GerryWinter Accredited Partner Posts: 1,145 Personal Range Expert Personal Range Expert

    I just added it and it updated with a price of $2.40

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  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,105 Community Manager Community Manager

    I've also just tested this by adding the new security with the following configuration and received the results below.

    If you already know the ticker code, just enter it directly into the field. There is no requirement to look it up if you enter the code.

  • damihyph
    damihyph Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, I have now succeeded in adding MGOC shares.