Upgraded to Windows 10, now Quicken Personal Plus does not work

Hi, I have just upgraded to windows 10 and now my Quicken Personal Plus 2011 will not upload the back up files. When I put in the activation key, it brings up error message 7096. When I enquire about this error message here, it can't find this code. Can you please help me?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Gretchen Paul

    So this error is appearing when you attempt to activate the software?

    When you have a moment, head over to this page - https://www.reckon.com/au/activation/ and chat with one of our team members who will be able to get your software activated which in turn hopefully bypasses this error for you.

  • GerryWinter
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    I f you have any problems dont hestitate in call me on 0418907140 and i will see what i can do.

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • vjkarna
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    I have a related question. I want to load quicken home and business 2011 onto a laptop with Windows 10. Are there any tips?. I understand there is the option of backwards compatibility with Windows because this program was meant for windows 7.