Multiple Transfer Wages Bank Transaction Matching

TommyP Member Posts: 2

Hi guys,

I am going mad with Reckon One Payroll please help me before I loose my mind.

Here is the happy path:

  • Create a new pay run
  • Add a single employee
  • Finish pay run
  • Create the bank payment
  • Upload ABA - Process pay in bank
  • Next day, i see the transaction in Reckon One and it recognises it and matches it to the pay run.

Now, If i do everything the same but I add a second employee in the pay run, the system shts it self and cannot match the transaction. I've tried to code the transaction manually and assign it to the Payroll salaries expense account but that doesn't work.

Can someone please tell me how do i create a pay run with 1-x employees that actually reconciles the next day?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,091 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @TommyP

    Definitely shouldn't be that hard and its sounds quite odd that its breaking down with the addition of another employee. We might need to take a closer look into this and in particular how Reckon One is attempting to process the match.

    When you have a chance can you please give us a buzz on 1300 756 663 so we can get a technician on this for you.