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Reckon one is responding slow

AhmadnabiofficeAhmadnabioffice Member Posts: 4

I am using the complementary premium book from reckon one received as a partner accountant. i have several client's books open under my account, which are fine.

but the book i am using for my accounting practice, has become very slow in all aspects from opening , closing invoices, going from one page to another , payrun etc.

Is it because i have bigger file size ? is there any option to go back to the normal speed of response ? this is slowing our work and hampering efficiency of the whole firm. please share some ideas to fix this.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi @Ahmadnabioffice

    How long would you say this has been occurring for? Is it just today or longer?

    To confirm, it only applies to this one book and all others are fine in terms of performance?

    Which browser are you using with Reckon One? Does the same behaviour occur if you login to Reckon One on a different browser?

  • AhmadnabiofficeAhmadnabioffice Member Posts: 4

    Hi Rev,

    we are experiencing this from last week. so you can say over 8/9 days. and yes, this is happening in only one book that has the highest amount of transactions in all aspects i,e payroll, bank transaction, invoices etc.

    we did not try other browser as it is only occurring for one book , does not seem to be an issue with the browser. we are using chrome from the beginning.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    I understand that its only affecting the one book however I'd still suggest that you try another browser eg. Firefox just as a test.

    It might also be worth having a chat with our technical support team so that we can have a technician take a look at your setup as well. There are no widespread performance issues with Reckon One at the moment so would be good to take a look at your case a bit closer.

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