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I can no longer access contacts on my Reckon One App. I can't create new Invoices or access my contacts through invoices anymore. Could anyone please help me.

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Ashley Cox

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  • Rav
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    Hi @ashing

    I've got some good news and bad news on this one.

    I'll get the bad out of the way first. Unfortunately, the legacy Reckon One app has been discontinued as we're currently reworking our mobile solutions. To use Reckon One on a mobile device to its full capability its best to do so via your browser app on your phone or tablet.

    The good news is, we've got some pretty exciting stuff happening for mobile at the moment including a new range of interconnected apps which started to come through the pipeline with the Reckon Payroll app and Reckon Mate app. We've got more on the way as well which will complete the full 'ecosystem' so to speak including invoicing which you've mentioned in your opening post.

    I know that's a tad deflating in the current scheme of things but stay tuned, we'll more announcements on the way for the mobile side of things coming soon.