refund of credit note from supplier

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I have received a refund  from a supplier re goods returned for credit. how do I process this through reckon?


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    • Enter a Bill Credit (with the same Account/Items & Tax Codes as the Bill that's being refunded)
    • Enter the Refund as a Deposit: - Received From [the applicable Supplier], From Account [Accounts Payable] (This puts it into your "Pay Bills" list to offset the previously-entered Bill Credit against)
    • In the Bank Account Register, locate this refund deposit & add/select the applicable Supplier's Name in the Payee field (It's a long-term glitch that the name drops out on stand-alone Deposits but if you don't manually add it back in, the transaction won't show in the Supplier's transaction list!)
    • Go into Pay Bills & select/enter the applicable Refund date as the Payment Date
    • Tick the Deposit, click on Set Credits & offset as per prompts
    • If you go to your Supplier in the Supplier Centre, you should now see both the Bill Credit & Refund (Deposit) in their transactions list :) 

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    Was the refund cash or a form of credit?

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