reckon accounts premier file getting too big - help

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for many years I have had this problem and still the only solution seems to be to export what info is current into a few company file, bringing in exported items, items and account balances etc. This is no mean task and every year I have put it off hoping that Reckon will come up with a program that archives a previous period or lets you delete inactive items, inactive customers, inactive accounts etc, instead of just making them inactive which does nothing to reduce the file size.

Before I get the fabulous feedback I've had in the past I do know all the hacks like making a portable comp file etc and importing it back in and I do the regular maintenance to clean up the company files, this takes for ever and does not change the company file significantly. But happy to hear from anyone who has had significant success.

Has anyone come up with another solution other than starting company again with export etc as it seems to me this problem will occur again as the company grows?

If I do start the company files again from a new tax year will I be able to run both the new file and the old file at the same time on the same computer? Guessing not?

what lists can I safely export /import into the new company , can i export the memorised transations? we use pricing lists for items - I understand I cannot import these or if I do they wont be linked to my customers?

Reckon should be providing support ( even at a cost ) for fix this issue, instead of referring me to a accredited partner.

If I swap to MYOB I will get help , madness

Any help would be appreciated.