Invoice Printing Issue

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I have a Reckon One invoice printing issue.

Most of my invoices are being printed on two pages - I may get three product lines, I may get 8 product lines, before it throws the footer section of the invoice to a second page. Varies from customer to customer, and not all invoices. Plenty of room on an A4 sheet, as I usually have to cut printouts and scan to a single sheet. Cannot find anything to reset to remove this "page-break".


Can anyone assist?



  • Rav
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    Hi @mariaskitchen

    Which template are you using in Reckon One for your invoices when this occurs? Do you use multiple templates or just the one? ie. is the double printing behaviour isolated to a particular template?

    When you view the print preview on an invoice does it show as two pages there or just 1 page but then prints out two pages anyway?

  • mariaskitchen
    mariaskitchen Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for getting back so promptly.

    We use the Product & Service Inv template only, for all customers.

    When previewing the invoice before printing, it does show two pages.

    This problem seems to have developed over the past 6-8 months, OK for the prior 3 years. No change in hardware or software in that time.

    We use Google Chrome as our browser, Windows 10 Home.