Retain refund as a donation

Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor Member Posts: 21

Hi brains trust

I normally use Reckon Hosted (and previously Reckon Quickbooks for many years) however I have set up basic Reckon One for a Not-For-Profit organisation which I volunteer as Treasurer for. Finally getting rid of the old manual system and going online :)

My question is, we charge a Refundable Equipment Deposit when people join, with the aim of doing a full return at the end of their membership. However, on occassion people donate this back, or sometimes we need to retain a portion as some equipment is not returned. How do I process this so that my Chart of Accounts reflects what we actually have held in the bank without depositing anything to a bank account.

I have tried to do an adjustment note, reflecting the actual amount returned with the withheld part being used to pay an invoice made out as Equipment replacement charge, however this does not deduct the full amount ($150) from my chart of accounts.

Not sure I have explained that well, hopefully you can understand. 🙄