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Sorry Rav, don’t know why it’s upside down, but it was hard to photograph- too far away and you may not be able to read it. It’s referring to my business phone number, but nothing has changed since I registered last June


  • Rav
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    That's ok @babs, I've fixed up the image for you.

    Just a tip for next time in case its needed, you can take a screenshot on your phone itself which will save the image to your phone so its easier. I can't see which type of phone you're using but I'll link a couple of articles on it. This one is for iPhone and this one for Android phones.

    Ok now, that error message is a pretty easy one to fix. What that error is showing me is that you have a bracket in the phone number which is an invalid character. A phone number should only have numbers and no other characters eg. brackets. What you need to do is head back into the details you have for the employee(s) and also your company details and remove any brackets you have in the phone number fields. Once that is done, you can send the submission again and it should go through fine provided there are no other errors.

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  • babs
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    Thank Rav - so far today’s has been approved and last weeks is still pending. But for the life of me I don’t know how that phone detail could have changed! I haven’t looked at our company details page since I set it up last June 🤷‍♀️