Reckon One legacy mobile app decommission (30 April 2021)

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We'd like to inform you that the legacy Reckon One mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones will be decommissioned from 30 April 2021 and will no longer be accessible from this date.

While the legacy Reckon One mobile app has not been available to download via Google Play Store and Apple App store since 2019, the app will now no longer be available for all existing users who currently have it on their device.

Please note, this notification does not to apply to the Reckon STP app, Reckon Payroll App & Reckon Mate app currently available in app stores.

Why is the Reckon One mobile app being decommissioned?

As Reckon One has evolved and developed with newer features & functionality, the codebase that the legacy Reckon One app was initially built on has become unable to support it.

How do I access Reckon One on a mobile device?

In the interim, you can login and use Reckon One on a internet browser app on your phone or tablet eg. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Will there be a new mobile app?

Reckon is committed to delivering the best apps as part of our exciting mobile strategy. This includes a new eco-system of interconnected apps which has started to come through with the recent release of the Reckon Payroll App and the Reckon Mate App. Soon to be released is our new Invoices app which will allow you to create invoices on the go from your mobile or tablet. The Invoice app is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021.

There’s a fair bit happening behind the scenes which we’re very excited to deliver on and there will be more info & announcements coming very soon.

If you have any queries or questions around this, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected], call us on 1300 756 663 or drop a comment below.

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