Share Price Download for one share does not map correctly


When I download the Australian share prices the data for one stock Z1P (ZIP) maps incorrectly.

The Closing price in Reckon is the ASX LOW price of the day

The High price in Reckon is the ASX OPEN price of the day

The Low price in Reckon is the ASX HIGH price of the day

The Volume in Reckon correctly matches the ASX Volume of the day

Every day I need to manually edit the Price History to reflect the correct values


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 16,025 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Bill Grint

    I just added Z1P to Personal Plus 2021 this morning to see if I can replicate the behaviour you're experiencing. This is the configuration I used below.

    Below are the results I received after running an update.

    Based on the day results on Google/Market Watch, it looks to be accurate. Are you able to delete this stock from your list and then re-enter it and confirm if the same behaviour persists?

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