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I am very new to Reckon One Payroll.

I have a staff member who salary sacrifices to her super fund $100.00 each week.

When I run the pay, I can see the gross being reduced by the $100.00, the tax is correct, the super guarantee is correct but I cannot see the increase or the additional super on the payslip of the extra $100.00

On my previous program I used it showed the SG super 9.5% on the payslip and EOM reports and it also showed the salary sacrifice amounts.

Have I missed a step somewhere or does Reckon not show the salary sacrifice amounts on the payslip to the super fund?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Clair27

    Check that your salary sacrifice pay item is active under Payroll Settings

    Click on the Settings cog in the top right corner and then go to Pay Items under the Payroll Settings section.

  • Clair27
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    Hi @Rav, yes the 'salary sacrifice' pay item is active under the payroll settings.

  • Clair27
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    Hi @Rav, this is what I have under employees setting for pay set up. Does this look correct?