Does not appear to be the same computer your copy of Reckon Accounts was originally installed on

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  • JohnsonLD
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    Yesterday, I upgraded my computer to windows 10 home & office. when I tried to send an invoice today I couldn't, error message "failed to send"

    went to the forum to help. I couldn't discover email preferences within reckon but a page suggested I right click on the reckon launch tab on the desktop and run compatibility mode. I did this, now im locked out of Reckon the error message saying it appears Im running the program on a different computer and I need to renew my licence. That cant be right? I have my original installation key code. any help would be much appreciated



  • Rav
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    Hi Stephen,

    Can I please confirm which Reckon software you using specifically?

    We do have a help guide on this particular error message that pertains to the Reckon Personal Range of software which I'll link below -

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  • JohnsonLD
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    Thank you Rav for your reply,

    Reckon Accounts Home & Business 2015 upgrade

    Customer ID 671057

    I've opened it as an administrator

    Windows compatibility troubleshooter is telling me the new outlook and reckon are incompatible