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I migrated too soon so have gone back to the old app to do the May and June figures. How do these entries migrate to the new app or do I need to do those entries in the new app.I am at a lose as to what to do as because the eofy will not balance. Help please. Lulu


  • Rav
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    If you're previously migrated successfully to the Payroll App then its recommended that don't go back to the STP app to perform submissions as any changes made there do not carry over to the Payroll App as you've noted.

    Can you give me a brief rundown on where things are at for you. When did you migrate and what data do you have the Payroll App currently? ie. Do you have 2020/21 data in the Payroll App?

  • Lulu_0703
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    Hi Rav

    I am going to put June's figures in the old ap tomorrow morning as I have already done May. Sorry I stuffed up but the new app although good doesn't suit my husband and I as employees of our own company and our wages vary month to month hence I got frustrated trying to enter May's figures. We don't work a standard week but we have one casual employee. It was easier to enter wages, tax and super without calculating leave etc. We haven't had a holiday in 10 years so I am a bit frustrated. Our casual wants to stay casual as it was pre Covid as it didn't affect our business. Shall I just start the new app July 1. Wouldn't be like changing providers?.