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new STP app migrate

560558560558 Member Posts: 2

need help

when i try to migrate on STP to new payroll app it comes back saying that 'This ABN and branch number is already registered

Name - the Trustee for Daniel bowen Trust

ABN 47 524 452 432

asks me to sign in with another account

Our entity with the ATO is - The Trustee for Daniel Bowen Trust ATF Bowen Plumbing Pty Ltd

and ABN number is correct

How can we manage issue please and thanks


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager

    Hi @560558

    I've just had a look at your account and need to confirm a few things.

    Aside from your STP app account, I can see that your ABN has also been previously registered to our GovConnect service and it has quite a number of STP submissions sent to the ATO under it. This is the reason you're getting blocked in the app currently.

    Can you give me a bit of background on this, are/were you using a different Reckon software in conjunction with GovConnect to send through STP submissions and then changed to the STP app?

  • 560558560558 Member Posts: 2

    Afternoon Rav,

    I have no connection to the GovConnect Service that I know of?

    i have used the Reckon STP Mobile App since 23/12/2020.

    My accountant then processed our EOFY STP for me.

    Then tried to merge to new Reckon Payroll App which would not work.

    Prior to me doing my own STP reporting I had a book keeper who i stopped using?

    She was Deb Pozingas from DP Business Services

    I hope this works


    Donna Bowen

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager

    Thanks for getting back to me Donna.

    I'm assuming that the previous bookkeeper was using our GovConnect service to send through your STP submissions back then.

    I'll need to get my development team to do a bit of work behind the scenes to straighten this out so that you can migrate over successfully. I've sent the details over to them now and I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    Hi Donna

    Just getting back to you on this one. My devs have completed the work on our end to free this up for you.

    If you go ahead and attempt to migrate again now it should go through without a problem.

    Let me know if you have any trouble though.


  • redgumauredgumau Member Posts: 7

    Hi @560558,

    This sounds exactly like what I encountered when trying to migrate before EOFY!

    Having watched the video,

    it skipped that part where this blockage occurs. : (

    i.e. I was blocked from logically moving forward at that same point. However if you read all the notes describing the video text, after 5 b) there is a note (yellow box)

    <<If the Branch or ABN you've selected is already register with us, you'll see a different screen.

    Either choose the option to enter a different branch number ......>

    ... so I did and watched the two and a half hours of cross-referencing struggle by an experienced user instantly evaporate!

    No, we do not have a Branch 2, but it was a no-choice choice to proceed. And now I have the Payroll App working. As to what the ATO makes of it ....?



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    No, we do not have a Branch 2, but it was a no-choice choice to proceed. And now I have the Payroll App working. As to what the ATO makes of it ....?

    Sorry but just to clarify, have you registered branch 2 when it doesn't exist in reality for your ABN?

    If so, then I'd strongly suggest that you do NOT send any submissions to the ATO yet under this incorrect registration.

    What is the ABN that you've registered into your app account?

  • redgumauredgumau Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for your input, Rav!

    Correct - to proceed a Branch #2 was entered which does not exist. Lesser of two evils to achieve timely migration! : )

    As you can see from the attachment, there was no proceeding with those options as presented i.e. there was and still is no "another account" and there is no other "new business" to set up. Total roadblock!!! Yet the STP data still had to be migrated!!

    And no, no submissions have been made under either Branch. to the ATO.

    Thanks for your thoughts as to what invisible ink has been missed. (FYI The STP App was set up based on the details in the attachment.)


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    If a specific branch number for your ABN doesn't exist in reality it shouldn't be registered or created in the app and more importantly, submissions to the ATO should not be sent to a false branch number either as it will create bigger issues further down the line. If you're having trouble with your migration, just have a chat with us instead and we'll help out.

    On that note, I've had a look at your account and need to run a few things by you.

    Firstly, I've removed the incorrect branch 2 that you created in the Payroll App for your ABN.

    The main issue here is, your Payroll App account has been created under a different email address to what your STP app account has. In order for a migration to work you need to sign in to the Payroll App using the same login credentials that you use for your STP app account.

    If you go ahead and do that now, the Payroll App should prompt you to migrate your existing data from the STP app to it.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • redgumauredgumau Member Posts: 7

    My thanks for all that detail, Rav!

    Called the Helpline and data was successfully migrated. Went back into App and same access issues (as per attachment) occurred so after a phone reboot (no change) then uninstalling to reinstall the App, now happiness reigns. : )

    Thank you all - great team back-up!! : )

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