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We work in our own company and want to pay ourselves quarterly irregular amounts. There seems to be no provision for doing this quarterly or not having a regular wage. Can this be fixed? Please advise. Thank you, Ken.


  • Rav
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    Hi Ken,

    This is something our app team are aware of and are working toward inclusion of additional payment frequency options into the app.

    While this is more a stop-gap solution for use in the interim, an option could be to set the pay frequency to monthly, then use the relevant pay item to give the employee the base rate of their quarterly salary, and set the hours worked to '1'.

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  • kenthebuilder
    kenthebuilder Member Posts: 2

    Thank you Rav,

    Much appreciated. This is a good work-around in the interim. I did set up a lump sum payment with X hours @ $x which gave me the same result. I look forward to the correct fix when it arrives. Cheers, Ken