New STP I have not accessed. Old figures in old Reckon STP

New STP I have not accessed. Old figures in old Reckon STP .How can i finalise the previous year? I rely on volunteers to help on this so we were late to explore. After accessing new STP Reckon, i input the wages/payroll amounts. Please allow us to be late.Thanks


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    @n_martinezstp1 By previous year do you mean 2020-21? If the payrun data is still in old STP app and there are no payruns in error you should be able to run the EOFY 2020-21 report if the summary is showing correct amounts.

    It would also be helpful if you please clarify whether you have already migrated the wages/ payroll data of the volunteers from old STP app to the new Payroll App. This could change the way you should do the EOFY reporting.

    If you are seeking exemption in delayed STP reporting you may have to seek advise from the ATO. Reckon may not be able to help.

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    Havent migrated old figures fr old STP to new and yeah, i have error payruns which i replaced with correct ones. Will the error payruns have an impact on overall totals ? What do we do with the error payruns?Since i input correct one can we just ignore it? like not included in totals? as no one to call to with these queries.. its so hard to settle these quickly... I'm appalled that we cant call someone ..

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    Also, I think i input excess payrun- amount not much .. how do we correct it?shall we make adjustment by putting something in negative ?thanks

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    I posted this in a different, but somewhat related thread so I'm pasting it below. It should give you all the answers you need to finalise your EOFY in the STP app.

    Something to keep in mind is, the Pay Summary section in the app is not a live figure with what the ATO has for your employee(s). Rather, its an accumulation of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS also any YTD balances entered for the employee when you first set them up.

    What I'd recommend you do is this;

    Check the balances for each of your employees in the EOFY 2020/21 report and review the balances listed on the report.

    If they are incorrect, which you've already mentioned they are, then head out of the EOFY report and create an Update Event in the app for the required employees to bring their figures in line with what they should be in reality. I'm going to link our help guide below which goes into detail on how to use an Update Event. The key thing though is make sure you date your Update Event in the appropriate year that you're amending balances for eg. if the balances you need to update are for the 2020/21 financial year then use a date in that year for your Update Event eg. 30 June 2021.

    Once you've done that, create a new EOFY finalisation report and check the balances again. They should be correct now that you've made your amendments. Once all correct, send through the EOFY finalisation report.

    The reason I'm getting you to amend your figures prior to sending through the EOFY Report is because the EOFY finalisation will OVERWRITE anything that the ATO has currently. This means that once your figures are correct in the app for your EOFY finalisation, then the ATO will also receive these figures as the full & final report for the year and will overrule anything that came before it.

    There's a more detailed guide on the EOFY finalisation process in the STP app below -