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I have used QB for 20 years to run my business accounts, we sold the business and I installed it on my laptop to continue to use it for household accounts. Unfortunately the laptop failed so my son gave me another laptop, I installed QB from my 2008/09 DVD successfully but it won't open my company file, the error message reads,

"QB cannot open this company file because it was updated to to a new QB maintenance release than the one you are currently using. This file was last used with release R8. You are currently using R3"

I don't understand this as nothing has actually changed. I am elderly and have many years of records in this company file and I don't know what to do.

Can someone offer me some assistance with this problem?


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    Hi Rhonda C

    It sounds like you installed an update to that original disc installation years ago - likely a mid-year patch release at that time that was available as part of your initial purchase.

    Unfortunately, that version of QB is no longer available as QuickBooks was licensed to Reckon via Intuit back then. If you have backups, I believe you could restore one of these however you would have to upgrade it to a current version which would mean purchasing an annual licence (or monthly, if you opt for the Hosted version)

    The technical side isn't really my area but another Partner on here may be able to assist or possibly a Reckon staff member might be able to advise more specifically @Jason Hollis or @Rav ?

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    Hi @rhondac

    I've checked in with a few folks on our end in relation to that message you're receiving.

    It essentially means that the NEW installation of your 2008/09 software that you've put on the new laptop has not had any tax or other updates installed on top of it which the version on your previous laptop did.

    As a long shot, if you still have the installer .exe file for those updates you could potentially try to install it on the new laptop, unfortunately I can't guarantee that this will work. There is the added issue of activation of this older software which is not possible so it might render the conversation about the required updates as a moot point.

    Looking forward, the best option I could suggest for you to consider is moving to the current version of Reckon Accounts (2021 currently) and use that. I believe your file will upgrade directly to the current version of Reckon Accounts without the need for a stepped upgrade process in intermediary software versions.

    I know that's a fair bit to take in so it might be best for me to organise a call for you from our Customer Service team for a chat about some options. If that's something you'd like to do, please feel free to send me a Private Message with your contact details and Customer Number and I'm happy to organise it.

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    When you are ready to make the move, call me and i will organise and install it for you, i can do a special price deal as well for the first year.

    Gerry 0418907140 

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