Can you report quarterly using the Payroll App?

Recently downloaded this app as my wife, a GP, is required as a micro-employer of one to report her closely held payee (me) via STP from 1/07/21. We received an ATO circular (ref. STP_CloselyHeld_Options) in March which gives 3 options for reporting closely held payees including quarterly reporting of actual payments. This would be our preferred option as we do our BAS quarterly. The App provides for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. I am paid monthly but can I aggregate 3 monthly payments and report quarterly using the App?🤔

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    Hi @wyndalea

    This is something our app team are aware of and are working toward inclusion of additional payment frequency options into the app.

    While this is more a stop-gap solution for use in the interim, an option could be to set the pay frequency to monthly, then use the relevant pay item to give the employee the base rate of their quarterly salary, and set the hours worked to '1'.