Reckon Enterprise 2021 desktop slow to start with network enabled.

I have helped customer every year to install update and adjust firewall settings so second computer can access database. (don't know why that wouldn't be in the setup program).

But my problem today is that I have cloned his old drive to a SSD to speed it up. Not sure if this problem existed before clone but Reckon takes 1 min 27secs to get to password screen, then another 1 min 50secs before its ready to go.

But, if I disable or unplug network cable, it takes just 3 secs to password screen and another 5 secs to be ready to go.

All other applications, browsers etc. open very fast, with and without network.

Tried fixed IP address, no different.

So I am running in single user mode, tried disabling firewall, deleting network ng file. data file is over 1GB but does exactly same times on 48000KB file.

Checked user and security permissions for files and folders.

Verified data files ok.

Although it is usable after it is eventually started, there is obviously a problem some where.

Using W10 home, i5, 8GB mem, SSD.

Has anyone experienced the same? or have any ideas?

Surely its got to be something simple I am missing.

Many thanks in advanced.



  • Kris_Williams
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    Maybe you could create a new file if you haven’t got another small one to try and see if the delay still happens. That way you can see if it’s the large file or something on the computer. You seem to have done a lot of troubleshooting already - the only other thing you could do would be to rebuild the data (File - utilities -rebuild.) Doing this 3 times is recommended. Sorry I have nothing else at this stage

  • GerryWinter
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    You should try and to run the sample file, but i would also uninstall the program and reinstall it as just cloning it not a good thing in the setup on the hard drive.

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  • Kris_Williams
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    Yes Gerry I couldn’t remember if there was a sample file anymore, but I agree to reinstall

  • redcom
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    Thanks for the sugestions Kris &Gerry. I tried the small sample file with the same results(extreamly slow to start with network enabled).

    I then put old spinning drive that I cloned back in to see if it was a clone thing. I opened the small sample file and it took a long time to start.

    I am not sure exactly what I did, but may have opened the QBW32.EXE file as adminstrator. Or from repeatadly opening and closing, it begun to open fast as it should.

    I replaced the SSD and did the same with that and it is all running as it should now 5 seconds to start large 1GB file.

    I had also earlier tried a suggestion to make QBW32.EXE in Windows 8 compatability, but that did not help. I have put back to W10 now.

    Sorry that I cannot definitely say what fixed it, I have put IP address back to auto and restarted several times.

    Also to add, when it was slow I noticed that there was very little disk or CPU activity in task manager. QWW32.EXE was listed as not responding, but it does that till it finally opens.

    I hope this may help others if they strike the same problem.

    I didn't wish to reinstall as a last resort.


  • Kris_Williams
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    Great diagnostic skills, congrats