super for employee who earn less than $450

I spoke to ATO .super has to be paid irrespective of the income for permanent staff.

Payroll app is not letting me do that.

I need to add RESC in 2019\2020 and 2020\21 -PAYG summary


  • Rav
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    The requirement for super on pay balances below the $450 threshold has not yet passed into legislation. See info from the ATO below.

    The Payroll App does not currently support super to be calculated on pay runs that have not exceeded the minimum threshold.

    With that said, this functionality is on the roadmap for inclusion into the Payroll App in the near future either at the end of this year or early next year depending on current projects getting over the line as scheduled.

  • astrid sam
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    How do I add RESC on 2019\2020 PAYG summary

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @astrid sam I understand RESC is Reportable Employer Superannuation. Reckon Payroll App does lets you add only Compulsory Super guarantee (CSG) and Salary sacrifice superannuation. Are you wanting to add RESC to previous years STP reports for employees and not CSG?