Quarterly pay runs

Hi, I used to be able to key in total pays each quarter, how can l do it if salaries varies accordingly. 

thxs Dao


  • Rav
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    Hi Dao,

    The Payroll App will not allow you to enter just a balance for gross payments/earnings like the previous STP app did as that method will no longer be compliant with the introduction of STP phase 2.

    Instead, the Payroll App works by creating and calculating pay runs and sending this data to the ATO via your STP submissions.

    Check out the info in this help guide and video below which will assist in getting you started with how to create pay runs in the Payroll App.

    In regard to quarterly reporting however, this is something our app team are aware of and are working toward inclusion of additional payment frequency options into the app.

    While this is more a stop-gap solution for use in the interim, an option could be to set the pay frequency to monthly, then use the relevant pay item to give the employee the base rate of their quarterly salary, and set the hours worked to '1'.