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  • Jean_10862158
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    I share a book with one other person. Most of the time when I log in, I don't get taken to this book. It takes me to a page to create a new book or use the sample book. I clicked on "shared with me" and it says none.

    Once in a while I do get logged in & get to the correct book, so why all this aggravation. It wastes an awful lot of time and causes grief

    Also I can't find where to ask new questions, only able to post a comment from an existing question. Weird.

  • Rav
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    Hi @Jean

    Are you sharing the book with another user OR is that other user sharing the book with you? ie. who is the admin of the book?

    One the occasions where you can access the book, are you logging in with different sign-in credentials eg. different email address/password combination or more importantly, are you using one of the Google/Microsoft Office 365 login methods?

    Also I can't find where to ask new questions, only able to post a comment from an existing question. Weird.

    If you're browsing the Community on a PC then to create your own new discussion, just click the 'New Post' button that appears on every page in the top right corner.

    If you're on mobile/tablet then tap on the + symbol as shown below and select 'New Discussion'.

  • Jean_10862158
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    Thank you, I have now found the plus sign, it is at the bottom right of my 17" laptop. Not obvious.

    Re the book. I am still in the trial period. I started it off under the login email for the person who was going to use it for invoicing, as that is what is important. I entered a lot just to make sure it handled everything (although I still have lots of questions, which is difficult to keep posting about, I wish the consultant would ring me back again like he did in the first week).

    Then when I was ready for the other person to try, I created a new user, with my own email as login. Both of us have admin rights. I had no trouble logging in as the other person. It only happens when I try to log in as myself. It kept taking me to where I had no book, where I could open a demo book or subscribe to a new one. If I clicked on "shared with me" it said there were none.

    But last night, I accidentally clicked on something very faint in the far top of the window in the black bit. One can hardly read it. It is after the Reckon R signage. When I click on that, a drop down menu appeared with one item, which I clicked on, and voila, there was the book.

    I have logged on again today, and the same thing, after logging in as myself, it appears there are no books, but clicking on the obscure menu, I can get to the book.

    Did it have to be put in so obscure a position?