how to print the Received Money List or export it to excel

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I am still new to this. I found where I can view the Received Money List, but it doesn't give a total which I need, or if I could export it to excel I could do my own total. However, I can't find the print function, and Cntrl P only allows a pdf version of the whole screen, with menu down the left. Am I missing something? Is there a way to export the list or print it with a total?


  • Jean_10862158
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    I am still wondering about this. I ended up having to print all customer transactions and export to excel, and then add more columns to only read and print ones with Receipt in the type column, and then add a total sum at the bottom.

    Couldn't we have a similar report for customer receipts?

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    Hi Jean

    Would the Receipt List report which shows all money in transactions do what you need?

    You can use the filter options to show certain criteria eg. selected contacts, bank accounts etc and once generated you can also export it to a few source types if required.

  • Jean_10862158
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    Thank you. But I must say it was hard to find. By putting "all" in reports , I found Receipts List and noticed it said it was in "Advisor".

    I would never have thought to look in there. This appears to be exactly what I am after.

    Many thanks