Why is my credit card still being charged?

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Hi there

About 18 months ago I purchased IPABooks as I was establishing a post retirement consulting business. Then COVID hit and I decided to remain retired.

I telephoned the relevant people to cancel IPABooks at the end of June 2020 but I am still being charged a monthly fee on my credit card. I have accessed my IPABooks account but cannot edit/change the credit card details to stop payment.

Please advise how this can be completed, or correct this error at your end, and then how about an even $100 refund for the inconvenience? What system permits deductions to coninue along with the apparent inability to self cancel a deduction ... ?

Please advise as soon as possible



  • Rav
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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for raising this but I'm sorry to hear this has happened.

    I telephoned the relevant people to cancel IPABooks at the end of June 2020

    I know its a fair while ago now but do you recall if the team had confirmed the cancellation of your book on that call or did they advise you the process to cancel it yourself in your account?

    I've searched using the email address that is registered to your Community account and can see that the book has now been cancelled a couple of days ago but I'm happy to follow up with the team to see what happened with the initial deactivation request.

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  • WLB
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    Thank you Rav for your response.

    At the time I had used IPA Books so sparsely I didn't even know how to unsubscribe. I scoured the Community on Saturday and found that solution and therefore have now unsubscribed - that was me who cancelled a couple of days ago.

    As for my phone call last year, I do not recall the person with whom I spoke - it was the same person who has called me a couple of times to check on implementation progress. I left the discussion with an understanding that they were going to "disconnect" the software, with no additional payment being deducted. I only happend to see that the payments were still occurring because I saw a very brief notification pop through on my mobile phone.

    I am just disappointed that it seems it was only "half done".