Reckon One Help with Make Payment

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I'm using Reckon One to record the accounts of a small volunteer organisation where we all pay to be members (therefore are customers) and many of us make purchases and have to be reimbursed (making us suppliers too). When using Make Payment screen, several of my contacts drew an error response because they've been "migrated" as customers. I did phone a help line on Friday which dropped out before I had a definitive answer. I've also tried using the Reckon One search without success using the query "Can my contacts be listed as both a customer and a supplier, using the same name?"

My second query relates to paying multiple people for the same item. In the old program (Reckon 2014), I was able to enter the item (eg Zoom subsidies) and total payment then use 'Split transaction' to list the contacts and their specific payment. In Reckon One it seems I have to do a complete entry for each individual. I wondered if I could have a contact like "Zoom subsidies" and list individuals in the comment box?

I'm only recording payments which have already been made so I'm unsure why i need to "Issue Credit" or even what that means and finally, I also wanted to make EFTPOS my default method of payment. Is that possible?