General Journal Entries

PaulT Member Posts: 2

Is there some quirk to entering journals in Reckon? I use Xero most of the time and it is a breeze compared to this software. Anyway my issue is just entering a simple year end expense accrual journal, accruing audit fees, I try to enter one side to expense and the other side to an accrued expense liability account I've set up, however the journal won't post and Reckon seems to want me to classify everything as either a 'sale' or a 'purchase'. What on earth is going on here please?


  • Jean_10862158
    Jean_10862158 Member Posts: 47

    I have only done one journal so far, only just started , but had no problem. One side was Assets and the other Equity'

    Are you doing it from the "Business" menu, then "Journals"?

  • PaulT
    PaulT Member Posts: 2

    Yes I am attempting to do it from "Business" and "Journals". It's weird because with other journals I've had no issue, but on this occasion Reckon chooses to reject what is a perfectly normal journal to want to post.