Too many fields - how do I input super

Hi, we have a company, husband and self are employees. We calculate wages at end of quarter, no hourly rate etc. and the amount we pay super varies.

I just want to be able to input gross wage, tax withheld and super amount. Not as hourly wages, not as minimum super and all of the other calculations.

The previous APP was great, this is too complicated. How do I input super and basic info?

Help would be appreciated


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    @scrosbie Keeping in mind the STP reporting requirements set up by ATO have been progressively changing and there is a requirement to have more rigour and consistency of reporting. There are also additional requirements coming in as part of STP Phase2 reporting from Jan 2022. Reckon took a decision to phase out STP app from July this year due to its limitations in achieving the ongoing STP reporting changes and have decided to focus on the Payroll app which was built with these requirements in mind.

    The Payroll app works like a proper payroll system with additional STP reporting capability to meet ogoing changes to ATO requirements. If you have not already done - please go through the videos on How to start a payrun.

    On specifics of what you need to report gross wages, tax and super - it is no different with Payroll app. All you need is to have an hourly rate and hours - you could enter the entire gross wages amount for the period as hourly rate and enter 1 hour as hours worked. The system will calculate your gross wages.

    The system will also calculate default 10% compulsory super of the gross wages. If you want to add additional super just tweak the guaranteed super rate up to a rate that gives the amount you want. The amount above the guaranteed super amount will show up as RESC (Reportable Employer Superannuation Component) in the ATO reporting- which is how it should be. The old STP app reported entire super amount you entered as Guaranteed super.

    Presently Payroll app expects at least a monthly payrun frequency - so you can report regular amounts every third month (quarterly) and have 0 amounts reported for the remaining months. I believe Payroll app will have quarterly payrun frequency option soon.

    For pay frequency setting -