BAS Window doesn't fit on screen and unable to configure GST code boxes

Shelley Member Posts: 2
edited October 2021 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)

I have had to upgrade from Reckon Accounts Plus 2016 to Reckon Accounts Plus 2021. Have set up on a new Asus laptop running Windows 10. The data has come across however when I try to run the BAS the window only fits into half a screen that can't be resized so I am unable to configure all of the codes. In addition I was able to initially configure G1 and 1A but not 1B as it wasn't visible and it populated the fields, however, it is now not producing any amounts as it seems to stall during the run and the amounts that I can see say 0 and I can no longer click into G1 to re-enter the GST codes. Have tried some fixes but nothing has changed the window size or 0 amounts. Need help as old 2016 version is set to expire on 31/10/21.