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Selva Member Posts: 3

Can I have more than one book under one subscription? If so how to set it up please. I manage a few rental properties and want to have different book for different properties. If more than one book possible under one subscription, how can I use one book to meet my needs? Thanks

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  • Selva
    Selva Member Posts: 3
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    In regards to my situation it will be costly if I have to add new subscription to each property in the property folio. Thanks anyway for your clarification.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Selva

    You can have as many books as you'd like under the one account. Please note, each book is a separate subscription. If you'd like to add another Reckon One book in your account, click on 'Add Product' in the top right corner ➡️ select Reckon One ➡️ Select add New Book ➡️ follow the prompts to customise which modules you'd like this new book to have and complete the subscription.