Reporting additional super

We currently pay staff 10% super regardless of the hours worked each week/mth. In the STP app we could easily manually enter the super amount. How do we convert this into the new app? I can see that the super % can be amended but i can't work out how to correctly report the super we want to pay, when the app will only calculate super when the pay amount exceeds the $450/mth.


  • Rav
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    The Payroll App does not currently support super to be calculated on pay runs that have not exceeded the minimum threshold.

    With that said, this functionality is on the roadmap for inclusion into the Payroll App in the near future either at the end of this year or early next year depending on current projects getting over the line as scheduled.

  • swakhlu01 .
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    Presently there is no legal requirement to pay compulsory super for wages under $450 per month therefore there is no requirement to report it as part of STP. However, this does not prevent employers from paying whatever super they wish to pay their employees. Such amount will be treated by the ATO as "additional superannuation" and is not a reportable employer superannuation if you are paying the employee as part of an industrial award arrangement.

    However, you have an obligation to deposit such amount into employee superannuation fund and record it in the employee payslip. You may be aware Basic Payroll app does not generate payslips so you have to record these payments to employee outside of Payroll app.

    The threshold limit of $450 wages per month may disappear after July 22 when Payroll app will have to adjust accordingly. The 2021-22 budget paper measure is yet to be enacted into law.