Upgrade data from Quicken Personal Plus 2007 to Reckon

Hi, I have Quicken Personal Plus 207 (Australia) which i bought many years ago (after Quicken 2002) to run my own finances and a small business - and have done so ever since. However, have just upgraded my laptop to a Windows 10 (from a Windows 8 pc have run with for last 8 years) and i cant get Quicken Personal Plus 2007 to load on the new PC (with a valid activation key) and i want to transfer the accounting data to a new Reckon platform (having tried 2021 on the trial version - and made contact with Reckon, i gather it wont import Quicken 2007 data. Are there any suggestions to do so for example with Reckon 2015 as i don't want to lose the data. happy to pay for a anew licence - just want something that will work! The Quicken 2013 upgrader wont work on Australia or UK data i have also discovered! Many thanks

Regards Charles