Superannuation not added to any of my pay runs

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The app isn’t adding superannuation to my pay runs. I have three months worth of pay runs and the pay is well over the $450 mark per run for the employee yet superannuation is zero. The runs have all been submitted to the ATO as well. I was waiting for it to automatically add as it says it will once a monthly threshold is reached but now I realise that it was supposed to add it if the pay is over $450 which it definitely is. So this is a bug then?

How do I now go back and fix all my pay runs? There is no option to type in the super and the app doesn’t automatically add it in. I’ve tried editing the payruns and still no option to add super. Note, I have used bonus pay as the type of pay for all runs as the pay is dependent on sales. Does super not get added to Bonus pay? Do I have to use ordinary pay and somehow plug in a fake rate and hours to give the total pay needed? Or do I need to add $1 of ordinary pay and the rest as bonus in order to trick the system into calculating and adding super?


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    I’ve just answered my own question. The only way to get super onto the pay runs is to go back and edit them, Delete the bonus payment and add a new ordinary hours item with a rate x hours calculation that gives me the end result I need e.g if the pay total is to be $4,000 then plug in a rate of $100 per hour x 40 hours = $4,000 pay. I guess that makes sense in a way - if hours worked was 40 and they made $4k then convert it to an hourly rate. Though in reality that’s not how the pay is calculated - is a commission based pay.

    It will look weird that the hourly rate changes from week to week - will this be a problem? let me know if this is the wrong way to go about submitting variable commission based pay.

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    Have a look at the Bonus item in Settings. Both ‘tax applicable’ and ‘include in super guarantee calculation’ should be ticked.

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    Cool thanks Joseph. The Bonus item setting doesn’t let me tick tax applicable. But you manually enter the tax applicabke on bonus items anyway so yep that makes sense and it works !