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The IRR display for most of my accounts are showing as 'N/A' in all of the 1yr 3yr and 5yr columns.

Going into an individual investment account - Performance & Analysis view, i can see current values in the monthly data for the last 2 months.

Therefore, i suspect the history has been accidently deleted during a recent upgrade of my hardware, possibly because i copied over only the QDF file and no others, not restored from backup.

so i am wondering if there is way to restore historical data via download or partially access backups?

Or have i lost this data forever?

Currently using Accounts Personal Plus 2022, although this was also an issue in prior versions.


  • GerryWinter
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    Just go back to an original *.rkn backup that you know was correct and restore.

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  • 268824
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    Thanks - but i have trapped myself. By the time i realised, i had imported and reconciled 2 years x 5 account bank statements, and it was not the first time i made the backup mistake. I'll just live with the lack of history in the broking accounts for now.