"Copy Bill" is in the Edit menu, but doesn't seem to do anything

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I have a complicated Bill from a supplier that I'd like to copy to be the base for a new Bill from them.

The Ctrl+O option seems to be what I want, but nothing happens when it is pressed.

How do you make this work please?


  • Acctd4
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    Unfortunately, the "Copy ..." feature doesn't seem to work very well, however there are 2 better options:

    Set to auto-recall in your Preferences (located under the Edit dropdown menu):

    When you next enter a transaction from a Supplier, it will prefill as per your last saved entry. Note the auto-saved detail will obviously update each time you enter it.


    With the transaction open on screen, memorise it by selecting this "Memorise ..." option (also located under the Edit dropdown menu)

    You can then auto-enter it - exactly as it is now - at any time from the Memorised Transaction List. You can still edit the transaction accordingly when you enter it but your Memorised one will stay as it was when Memorised. You can also "Replace" the Memorised transaction it if you want to update it at any point.

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  • Jeff Parker
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    Many thanks Shaz. I already have that recall setting set, but the bill I want to copy was before the latest one. Appreciate the tip about Memorising it and reusing - I'll keep that in mind for next time.

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    Do that bill again and then do what Shaz said and then delete the bill you just created.

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