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Hi one of my employees payroll summaries is only showing one pay amount since July 2021 yet all the payruns show as done and the stp page shows success on all the payruns submitted. What could be wrong if the total isnt showing on the employees pay summary in the app.


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    @Ridgeline Is it possible to verify whether the YTD Income statement on the ATO MyGov account of the employee is showing the correct amount.

    If you have more than one employee in the Payruns, the Payrun status or STP status in Payroll App will not tell you the status of individual employee payruns. It is possible the particular employee was not selected during the subsequent payruns or there is some descrepancy in the employee settings data. Is the payrun YTD summary of other employees correct?

  • Rav
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    Hi Ridgeline,

    What is the date range that you've selected prior to creating the Payroll Summary report?

  • Ridgeline
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    Hi Rav if i run a report for payroll summary on the app from 1 july to date the figures are correct to my reckon accounts premier file, however if i go into the employee on the app and click on the pay summary it only shows one pay not the whole year so far on one of my employees and on the other employee it shows incorrect amounts.

    Where does the report named payroll summary pull the information from and how can it be different from pay summary on the employees file on the app.

    Regards Julie